About ProbioCare

Our company ProbioCare has partnered with Chrisal and is rapidly growing. We are proud to represent this company that is started 22 years ago developing safe, green solutions for use in the food industry and was one of the first to see the importance of developing microbiological and enzymatic products.

Inspired by an immune deficient granddaughter, Chrisal’s founder devoted Chrisal’s resources to the research and development of a breakthrough that would create a safe, healthy and clean hospital-safe type environment in a normal home or work setting – and do so simply and economically.

Chrisal now offers a complete range of these revolutionary and environmentally friendly probiotic products that can benefit everyone and in any environment.


  • Since our initial introduction to Chrisal last year I have personally seen very impressive results on many occasions…especially with All Purpose Cleaner. We have made it readily available to both our commercial service providers & clients. They have all commented on its effectiveness as a Green Cleaning product which is paramount in maintaining a higher standard of cleaning in our industry whereby the results speak for themselves!
    Robert Callow
  • In the final analysis, we were pleasantly surprised to find Chrisal PIP product had reduced the amount of harmful bacteria (I.E. Staphylococcus Aureus) by at least 95% when compared to normal disinfecting and cleaning products. After a few additional weeks of use, virtually no contamination was detectable on any of the surfaces protected by Chrisal.
    Noah Lee
    Medical Director, Midland Clinic
  • Besides the effectiveness of the cleaner itself, the low hazard and toxicity ratings of the Chrisal cleaning products has increased our level of worker safety. And as our organization has a focal emphasis on promoting green initiatives, Chrisal helps minimize our impact on the environment in terms of what goes down the drain.
    Ron Rieberger
    Manager of Facilities & Operations, Panorama Recreation
  • I never thought we would rave about a cleaner, but these are so much more and we all really love your Chrisal products and are happy to endorse them to everyone. One other note is that all of us have noticed that the restaurant just smells better. The over all smell is always a clean one now, no matter how many people we have during rush hour.
    Larry Cohen
    Owner, Subway Restaurant Franchisee
  • After using Chrisal in our facility we experienced excellent results. More importantly, our members noticed improvements in the odour, the elimination of chemical smells and the overall cleanliness of our gym. Chrisal is also a perfect way to maintain our air-conditioning system and nothing else can also clean the ductwork. It only takes a few seconds. Not only does the product work beyond its claims…it is so cost effective. We have shared Chrisal with several of our members. A couple of our gym members have taken samples of Chrisal including our fogger to try out at home and loved the results, so we will now be selling Chrisal to our members and the public. I am pleased to share this information – Chrisal’s probiotic products are just outstanding.
    Kelly Guion
    Owner, Sunset Fitness

Green Products

It is ironic that hospitals have now transformed from islands of health and safety to facilities where patients try to leave as fast as possible due to the major raise in nosocomial – hospital acquired – infections. It is here as well that simple and ecomomical Chrisal use has proven to vastly lower the risk of infections in a number of hosptials and medical facilities in a range of countries from North America to Europe and other areas of the world.

Chrisal products have been certified as organic by both USA and Canadian based organic certification organizations for use on organic food animals, for biodegradability by the University of Gent-Belgium and for no oral toxicity and no skin irritation by CEBETOX and by FDA licensed laboratories. Chrisal has been certified for use for all food production and processing facilities in Canada including restaurants. Notice of

NO GMO – that No Genetically Modified Organisms are used in any Chrisal’s probiotic products.

Please see all of the studies and testing by a large number of additional hospitals, universities, laboratories and other facilities for the ethicacy, effectiveness and reliability of Chrisal PIP, as well as the many reports from a large range of different types of facilities, including a large number of farms covering a complete range of animals including poultry and fish farms.

Product efficacy and high quality standards earned Chrisal an excellent reputation in the industrial world.

Bad Bacteria Killed
Good Bacteria Saved


For years Chrisal has been a forerunner in innovative cleaning products for the health care sector. After years of research by international academic institutions, it has been demonstrated that the probiotic PIP Healthcare products offer a solution to hospital bacteria.

Water Treatment
Consumer Home Use
Pet Care

Important Notes About Chrisal Products

  • No harmful chemicals
  • Chrisal is a revolution in cleaning as itactually works and cleans down to the microscopic level
  • World’s Best Deodorizer – Chrisal does not just cover up odors…
  • Removes the biofilm that protects germs and traps dirt & contaminants
  • Unique, longer-lasting protection – can work up to three days at a time
  • Hospital and University tested and approved
  • Ecologically beneficial and green
  • Safe for all humans, animals, birds, fish and other life forms
  • Chrisal is Nature’s protection from infection
  • Our core products now Certified for Organic Use