Consumer Home Use

Chrisal is an all-natural cleaning, personal care, and animal care product line with incredibly high standards of performance and safety. The applications are broad, offering a wide range of proven solutions for commercial, industrial and home consumer use.

Our probiotic cleaning products are revolutionary! While maintaining exceptional cleaning power, they are so gentle on skin that they can be used without gloves, masks or protective aprons. Better yet, these leading-edge products have a residual effect lasting for up to 3 days after application, leaving behind a layer of microscopic workers that are not on your payroll! Chrisal’s ecological cleaners and degreasers are also safe top performers. Used in Hospitals, Schools, Farming, Industry, Offices and Homes in over 50 countries around the world, the efficacy of this product line will simply astound you.

Consumer Home Use

Chrisal provides innovative and effective probiotic cleaning and personal care products that optimize hygiene without harmful chemicals.

Non-toxic Cleaning and Personal Care Solutions for Home Consumers

Chrisal’s innovative cleaning and personal care products work with nature to optimize hygiene, while keeping your home and family safe from toxic chemicals and fumes. From displacing dust mites in your bed that tax your immune system while you sleep, to eliminating strong unpleasant odours, to keeping your toothbrushes germ-free, Chrisal provides sustainable solutions for health and environmentally conscious families.

Consumer Home Use Details

In most households today, you’ll find a range of cleaning products from sprays and detergents to bleach and toxic chemicals. Most of these products clean by eliminating everything on the surface, particularly bacteria. Recent research is showing us that the beneficial bacteria we inadvertently destroy is crucial to fighting against a variety of illnesses and that these chemical attacks can actually make pathogenic bacteria harder to kill.

This video describes how ALLERGY-FREE BioMist in aerosol form or StaBiotic Mist in a concentrate gets rid of dust mites!