Chrisal is an all-natural cleaning, personal care, and animal care product line with incredibly high standards of performance and safety. The applications are broad, offering a wide range of proven solutions for commercial, industrial and home consumer use.

Our probiotic cleaning products are revolutionary! While maintaining exceptional cleaning power, they are so gentle on skin that they can be used without gloves, masks or protective aprons. Better yet, these leading-edge products have a residual effect lasting for up to 3 days after application, leaving behind a layer of microscopic workers that are not on your payroll! Chrisal’s ecological cleaners and degreasers are also safe top performers. Used in Hospitals, Schools, Farming, Industry, Offices and Homes in over 50 countries around the world, the efficacy of this product line will simply astound you.


Chrisal provides a proven, sustainable method of reducing HAI-related pathogens by up to 89% in hospitals, medical clinics and long-term care facilities.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions that Minimize Infection and Risk

This revolutionary cleaning concept has been validated in clinical trials by independent hospitals and medical facilities throughout North America and Europe.

Healthcare Details

This video describes the high impact of microbial cleaning in the healthcare environment. Top physicians report on the results in their hospitals.

A recent scientific publication summarized the results of three independent six-month hospital trials. These studies proved that using Chrisal probiotic cleaners reduced HAI-related pathogens by as much as 89%.

Hard Surface Biocontrol in Hospitals Using Microbial-Based Cleaning Products

Chrisal is currently interested in conducting trials in hospitals, daycare centeres, medical clinics and long-term care facilities. If your business or institution is looking for a better solution to cleaning and infection control than caustic chemicals, Contact Us today and ask about our clinical trials.

Case Studies and Reports:
Shriners Childrens Hospital Study
Midland Medical Clinic Report
Miami Jewish Home & Hospital Report
University of Fererra St. Anne Hospital Study
University of Ghent Lokeren Hospital Study
Lokeren Hospital Testimonial
University of Ulster Study Report
University of Liverpool Study Report
Münsingen Psychiatric Institution Trial Report
Kiev City Medical Burn Centre Report
Medical Institute of Ostrava Study
R&D Test File for VZW Goudblomne Home for the Elderly
FDA Registered Inhalation Report

Chrisal Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner (APC)
Chrisal Probiotic Floor and Carpet Cleaner (FCC)
Chrisal Probiotic Heavy Duty Cleaner & Foamer (HDC)
Chrisal Probiotic StaBiotic™ Mist (SBM)