Chrisal is an all-natural cleaning, personal care, and animal care product line with incredibly high standards of performance and safety. The applications are broad, offering a wide range of proven solutions for commercial, industrial and home consumer use.

Our probiotic cleaning products are revolutionary! While maintaining exceptional cleaning power, they are so gentle on skin that they can be used without gloves, masks or protective aprons. Better yet, these leading-edge products have a residual effect lasting for up to 3 days after application, leaving behind a layer of microscopic workers that are not on your payroll! Chrisal’s ecological cleaners and degreasers are also safe top performers. Used in Hospitals, Schools, Farming, Industry, Offices and Homes in over 50 countries around the world, the efficacy of this product line will simply astound you.


Chrisal provides effective, safe and planet friendly products for the food and hospitality sector to ensure the best possible conditions of cleanliness.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions for Restaurants and Hotels

Restaurants and hotels in multiple countries use Chrisal to maintain hygienic environments that help attract new customers and keep the ones they have. Research shows you’re not likely to make a return visit to give a place a second chance to make a good impression. New studies confirm that cleanliness makes a big impact on guest impressions and repeat business.

Hospitality Details

When you dine somewhere for the first time or check-in to a hotel you haven’t stayed in, what do you look for? If you’re like most people, you probably scan the room to get sense of how clean it looks, take a peek at the washroom, and see if you can catch a view into the kitchen.

An independent consumer research firm surveyed 18,000 restaurant consumers for the Consumer Restaurant Brand Metrics Program to find out what is most important to diners in their restaurant experiences. Although clean silverware was at the top of the list, respondents placed a high value value on a clean restaurant interior, bathrooms, and, of course, the kitchen. Cleanliness even trumped food quality! It’s not surprising that this study also validated the connection between how consumers ranked cleanliness and their stated intention to return.

Case Studies and Reports:
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Quarterdeck Restaurant report and study
Park Inn Manchester using a probiotic hygiene and cleaning system
Radisson Microbiological Validation Study 2007
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Probiotic Range
Chrisal Probiotic All Purpose Cleaner (APC)
Chrisal Probiotic Floor and Carpet Cleaner (FCC)
Chrisal Probiotic Heavy Duty Cleaner & Foamer (HDC)
Chrisal Probiotic StaBiotic™ Mist (SBM)

Ecological Cleaners and Degreasers
Chrisal Organic DeScaler (ODS)
Chrisal CMF-240 Degreaser & Heavy Duty Cleaner (CMF-240)