Chrisal is an all-natural cleaning, personal care, and animal care product line with incredibly high standards of performance and safety. The applications are broad, offering a wide range of proven solutions for commercial, industrial and home consumer use.

Our probiotic cleaning products are revolutionary! While maintaining exceptional cleaning power, they are so gentle on skin that they can be used without gloves, masks or protective aprons. Better yet, these leading-edge products have a residual effect lasting for up to 3 days after application, leaving behind a layer of microscopic workers that are not on your payroll! Chrisal’s ecological cleaners and degreasers are also safe top performers. Used in Hospitals, Schools, Farming, Industry, Offices and Homes in over 50 countries around the world, the efficacy of this product line will simply astound you.


Chrisal provides efficient, safe, and economical commercial cleaning solutions for the entire universe of facilities and buildings in all industries.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions for Public and Residential Buildings

Chrisal’s bio-based, safe cleaning alternative brings health and safety benefits to any indoor environment. A clean and toxic-free workplace results in higher employee productivity, reduced staff turnover and sick leave.

Industry Details

From residents of apartment buildings, to guests in community centres, to shoppers in a mall, to inhabitants of any other commercial, private or government building, there is no question that hygienic surroundings produce a positive image and experience. This creates value for any business, from either reduced employee downtown or customers that come back because they enjoy being in your office or building.

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Academic and recreational facilities can be quite challenging to clean and keep clean. They operate in competitive industries where a great ‘look and feel’ is definitely an edge.

Schools and Universities
Schools, Universities and other academic facilities are a breeding ground for germs. In addition to the obvious health risks for students and faculty, multiple studies conclude that cleanliness has an impact on academic performance.

A 2008 study conducted by the Center for Facilities Research and co-sponsored by ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, revealed that 88% of 1481 students polled reported that a lack of cleanliness is a distraction. Cleanliness ranked as the 4th most important building element that impacts students’ learning. The top three were noise, air temperature and lighting.
A recent survey completed in November 2013, summarized in an article: “How Cleanliness Can Impact Performance in Schools” (Education; Objective Creative) shows that cleanliness can improve academic achievement and enhance student retention rates. The survey revealed that students draw a direct link between their own academic achievement and the cleanliness of their surroundings.

Chrisal’s suite of non-toxic probiotic cleaning products create a sustainable, clean and safe environment that improve hygiene, minimize the risk of infection, and promote academic success.

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Recreational facilities
Today, the threat of wide scale microbial contamination is greater than ever. Gyms and sports arenas are a natural breeding ground for these contaminants. Vulnerable to skin-to-skin and surface-to-skin transmission of bacteria, traditional cleaning methods in these facilities can inadvertently encourage the spread of disease.

This Chek News Report describes the impact that Chrisal Probiotic Cleaning products have on the gym environment, from the perspective of customers, staff and management.