Water Treatment

Chrisal is an all-natural cleaning, personal care, and animal care product line with incredibly high standards of performance and safety. The applications are broad, offering a wide range of proven solutions for commercial, industrial and home consumer use.

Our probiotic cleaning products are revolutionary! While maintaining exceptional cleaning power, they are so gentle on skin that they can be used without gloves, masks or protective aprons. Better yet, these leading-edge products have a residual effect lasting for up to 3 days after application, leaving behind a layer of microscopic workers that are not on your payroll! Chrisal’s ecological cleaners and degreasers are also safe top performers. Used in Hospitals, Schools, Farming, Industry, Offices and Homes in over 50 countries around the world, the efficacy of this product line will simply astound you.

Water Treatment

Chrisal provides effective probiotic solutions for the treatment and maintenance of water systems and animal drinking systems.

Microscopic Water Workers Clean Water and Animal Drinking Systems

Chrisal probiotic products are used in multiple countries around the world for a range of water treatment applications. From whirlpools to production plants using water in their manufacturing processes, to ponds and larger bodies of water, Chrisal’s proprietary probiotic workers eliminate biofilm that can clog pipes, filters and pumps, significantly reduces offensive odours, and helps control wastewater costs.

Water Treatment Details

Chrisal probiotic water workers solve 3 major problems common to water systems of any kind.

  • Dirt and biofilm clogs pipes, filters and pumps.
  • Organic material consumed microorganisms turns their waste into volatile unpleasant smelling gasses (sulfur compounds or butyric acid).
  • Excessive growth of algae, cyanobacteria or other microbes that cause visual pollution and may cause disease in humans or animals.

Many industries use water in their production processes for cooling and flushing or rinsing. Typically, this industrial water is extremely polluted with organic matter and is recycled multiple times to contain high wastewater costs. Heavy biofilm formation can negatively impact the performance of the system and is also a source of offensive odours. Most companies use aggressive biocides to handle these concerns but their efficacy is low because the organic matter blocks their mechanism of action. These chemicals can be corrosive to the system and are also harmful to employees.

Chrisal’s innovative solution is microbial-based water treatment, using millions of probiotic workers to actively remove organic matter and prevent biofilm formation, increasing the performance of the system, cutting down recycling time, and drastically reducing odours. In ponds and larger bodies of water, Chrisal’s mechanism of action is to remove the organic matter from the water and release it into the air as CO2. Chrisal probiotics contribute to the natural carbon cycle in water and influences other microbes in the water to stimulate the nitrogen cycle. This intensifies the natural eco-dynamics in the water, making it cleaner and healthier.

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