Case Studies


Chrisal provides a solution that creates a healthy environment for every type and size of animal, bird and fish, no matter how large the herd, flock, or school.

Romanian Poultry Farm Study Report

Romanian Poultry Farm Study Report

Agriculture Center Results

Agriculture Center Test Results Turkey February 2013

Agriculture Center Test Report

Agriculture Center Milking Parlor Hygiene in Germany 2008

Farm Test Report

De Bruyckere Chicken Farm Test Report 2006

Higher Swine Health Silver Prize Report

Silver Prize for Farm Using Chrisal, 2011


Chrisal provides effective probiotic solutions that reduce pathogens and disease in many types of aquaculture, including Koi ponds and Sturgeon farms.

Consumer Home Use

Chrisal provides innovative and effective probiotic cleaning and personal care products that optimize hygiene without harmful chemicals.

Health Care

A decade of research in academic hospitals validates how Chrisal’s probiotic products have been proven to reduce pathogens in the healthcare environment.


Chrisal provides effective, safe and planet friendly products for the food and hospitality sector to ensure the best possible conditions of cleanliness.


A Chek News Report about the incredible impact that Chrisal Probiotic Cleaning products have in fitness facilities. From drastically reducing the typical “gym smell” to providing ongoing protection against bacteria, customers, staff and management are thrilled with the results.

Water Treatment

Chrisal provides effective probiotic solutions for the treatment and maintenance of water systems and animal drinking systems.