Professional Testimonials

Professional Testimonials

At ProbioCare, it’s easy to stand behind our products because we use them at our headquarters.
But you don’t have to take our word for it. Look at what our commercial customers and distributors have to say!

  • In the final analysis, we were pleasantly surprised to find Chrisal PIP product had reduced the amount of harmful bacteria (I.E. Staphylococcus Aureus) by at least 95% when compared to normal disinfecting and cleaning products. After a few additional weeks of use, virtually no contamination was detectable on any of the surfaces protected by Chrisal.
    Noah Lee
    Medical Director, Midland Clinic
  • There is no “gym smell” whatsoever throughout the entire club. The restrooms have no smell except for the deodorant in the urinals. Ed has said that the mirrors and windows have never been cleaner. He has even been asked by several of the clients what they are using to clean the clubs now. Ed is extremely happy with all of the three products he is using, and very much wants to continue to use them.
    Head Cleaner
    Gordon Head Recreation Centre
  • Since being introduced to Chrisal, I have tested all of their solutions with great results. Now, our company has requested all of our janitorial staff to use Chrisal, exclusively. At first our staff were quite reluctant to use Chrisal but once seeing the results, understanding the technology and liking the fact that there is no more need for harsh chemicals like Muriatic Acid, they have all bought into the Chrisal program. Chrisal is without-a-doubt, the cleaning product of the future!
    Ken James
    Total Environmental Cleaning Products
  • I never thought we would rave about a cleaner, but these are so much more and we all really love your Chrisal products and are happy to endorse them to everyone. One other note is that all of us have noticed that the restaurant just smells better. The over all smell is always a clean one now, no matter how many people we have during rush hour.
    Larry Cohen
    Owner, Subway Restaurant Franchisee
  • I love this product, it’s superior to the products we were previously using. With the added work of the probiotics breaking down what I thought were stains that would never be removed, it’s just remarkable. But, truly the best thing about this product is that I no longer get head aches from inhaling toxic chemicals while doing my job. Thank you so much.
    Anthony Bavich
    Fremantle Markets, Australia
  • Besides the effectiveness of the cleaner itself, the low hazard and toxicity ratings of the Chrisal cleaning products has increased our level of worker safety. And as our organization has a focal emphasis on promoting green initiatives, Chrisal helps minimize our impact on the environment in terms of what goes down the drain.
    Ron Rieberger
    Manager of Facilities & Operations, Panorama Recreation
  • Chrisal not only cleans better and is safe, it also saves me a few thousand dollars a year. My members and trainers are the main benefectors of the product, because they are better protected from the harmful bacteria that can grow in fitness centres. I just opened by second fitness centre downtown Cinncinati and I would never think of using but Chrisal Probiotics to keep it clean and safe.
    Scott Gerke
    Owner, Snap Fitness 24/1
  • Since 1983 Marathon Cleaning has been providing quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services to both multi and single tenant businesses throughout the GTA and beyond. When I learned about Chrisal Probiotic Cleaning Products, I decided to ‘test’ them in a building where odours are an ongoing challenge. My crew mopped the floors with All Purpose Cleaner for a few weeks and fogged the garbage areas, bathrooms and basement with Stabiotic Mist 3 times. In all of the years that we have cleaned this building, this is the first time we were able to completely eliminate the bad odours – amazing!
    Tom Vyroites
    Owner, Marathon Cleaning
  • My experience with Chrisal probiotic spray was amazing! We had used it couple times on the horses with some minor skin issues and it appeared to be working well BUT when our beautiful pet lamb Dharma was attacked by a domestic dog on June 25, 2014, she sustained major injuries. There were several punctures around her throat and on her face. Truthfully, her injuries were so bad we thought we were going to lose her…
    Dawn Ramsden Lewis
    Richmond Hill, Ontario
  • After using Chrisal in our facility we experienced excellent results. More importantly, our members noticed improvements in the odour, the elimination of chemical smells and the overall cleanliness of our gym. Chrisal is also a perfect way to maintain our air-conditioning system and nothing else can also clean the ductwork. It only takes a few seconds. Not only does the product work beyond its claims…it is so cost effective. We have shared Chrisal with several of our members. A couple of our gym members have taken samples of Chrisal including our fogger to try out at home and loved the results, so we will now be selling Chrisal to our members and the public. I am pleased to share this information – Chrisal’s probiotic products are just outstanding.
    Kelly Guion
    Owner, Sunset Fitness
  • Chrisal proved to not just be another cleaning product, but one that maintained a great level of cleanliness and has a great ability to eliminate bad odors. Many members appreciated the lack of “chemical” smell as well as the improved cleanliness. I was first impressed with Chrisal as it seemed to clean our tiled areas better than other products we’ve used and cleaned windows and mirrors better without any type of “streaking’. We found that very real results in odor control and brightness could be seen the first week or two of Chrisal use as well as confirming the “unseen” benefit of germ and pathogen control improved.
    Eric Fleischner
    Senior Vice President, LA Fitness
  • Since our initial introduction to Chrisal last year I have personally seen very impressive results on many occasions…especially with All Purpose Cleaner. We have made it readily available to both our commercial service providers & clients. They have all commented on its effectiveness as a Green Cleaning product which is paramount in maintaining a higher standard of cleaning in our industry whereby the results speak for themselves!
    Robert Callow

Consumer Testimonials

Chrisal products are so safe, effective and user-friendly that all of us at ProbioCare love using them in our homes.
But we’re not the only ones giving rave reviews. Check out what home consumers are saying about Chrisal!

  • I wanted to write to say thank you so much for such a great product! I have been using the Chrisal Cleaner and Allergy Free Spray – my daughter is now using it too! You can really feel the clean with Chrisal, and everything stays cleaner longer. I couldn’t believe how my tiles came up. I work in a daycare and we are going to start using Chrisal there too. I can’t wait as the kids there pass around colds and flu; having Chrisal should reduce all the bugs that pass through the centre and the kids!
    Teresa Horrocks
    Perth, Australia
  • We have 3 beautiful Siamese cats and they used to have a litter box that was too small. They would sometimes urinate outside of the box and the strong smell had penetrated the grout between the ceramic tiles and the wood of the closet where the litter box was placed. I tried the usual floor cleaning products, including bleach, several times. Only the bleach seemed to work at first, but all it did was cover up the urine scent for a day or two. Once the chlorine evaporated, the terrible pervasive scent was back again. So I decided to try Chrisal BioMist and, to my great surprise, after 4 days of spraying, the bad smells were completely gone! I went down on the floor, brought my nose inches away from the grout and wood, and could not smell anything at all! I would NEVER have imagined that something could work so well so easily.
    Satisfied Cat Owner
    British Columbia
  • Thank you so much for treating the home on Arbutus Rd. with your amazing Chrisal product. The home had a distinctly musty smell that buyers noticed the moment they walked through the door. This was a huge obstacle in selling the house. First impressions are so important and the odour was the first thing people noticed when arriving to view the home. When you prepared the solution and began spraying the carpet, furniture and curtains I was a little skeptical. It didn’t smell like a cleaner and it took so little time to treat the entire home. The result was nothing short of amazing. The Chrisal solution didn’t mask the smell, it removed it completely. It has been 3 weeks since you were at the house and the smell has not returned. The home sold shortly after your treatment with Chrisal. I am happy to recommend your products to my clients and associates.
    Real Estate Agent
    Victoria, BC
  • I have been using Chrisal at home, in our offices and the cleaning company has used them in our warehouse.Linda, my wife’s cleaning lady has found the products to be effective and I appreciate very much there is no odor from the residue. In the office bathrooms the tile grout has lightened considerably. I also had a great success cleaning up our French boxers green vomit accident on our cream colored carpet. It worked great.There is no doubt you have a terrifically effective product.
    Gene G.
    North America
  • After using CMF-240 successfully for several jobs around the house, I decided to try it on the greasy build up of 10 years of dirt on the top of our cupboards! I had tried other cleaners without success when we moved in a year ago. I was amazed when with spray bottle of CMF-240 solution in hand, and a minute wait for it to penetrate the dirt, it wiped clean with a sponge! I have attached a before and after pic of the job well done. Many thanks for such a safe and effective product! Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, here’s a shot of the area half-way through the task.
    Karen Saunders-Hill
  • I’ve used All Purpose Cleaner (APC) and ALLERY-FREE Probiotic BioMist and have had amazing results! APC works wonders in the bathroom and kitchen to safely eliminate germs and odours. Even though we have 2 cats, our home looks and smells clean and fresh – no cat smells anywhere. I spray our pillows with BioMist to get rid of dust mite allergens and I also use it on my husbands t-shirts to remove residual odours. I’m looking forward to replenishing the products I’ve used and now I’m excited to try some of the other products, such as the toothbrush cleaner , the dish soap and the laundry detergent . I love Chrisal and recommend it to everyone!
    Susan C.
    United States
  • I have been using Chrisal All Purpose Cleaner and Allergy Spray now for over a year in my home. I started using the product because it could save me money and I had read about the effects it could have on asthma sufferers. My son had mild asthma and I thought it could help him on a nighttime, shortly after starting to use Chrisal I noticed a difference in Mikey sleeping better and his daycare told me they noticed the difference at playtime.
    Recently we got a puppy, along with the puppy came accidents around the house. I have to say, having Chrisal has been a huge benefit! No smells, stains or signs of Tocaya’s accidents! It’s been great to know that whatever happens in the house, I can get the floors, carpets and couches back to looking, smelling and feeling clean and fresh. Thanks Chrisal.
    Lauren B, Perth